Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The BoyKidlat Project

The BoyKidlat Projects: My personal skill improvement and art project.

I love editing and enhancing photographs.

I am planning to launch an art project aimed to improve my skills and talents with the use of various photo editing programs and personal creativity.

I aim to gather enough photographs to edit and enhance and hopefully put in a gallery.(crossfingers)

You can see in my profile the various works I have done. They are not perfect or worth millions of pesos but I did my best with them with the skill set I currently have. I am not the best but I am definitely improving. I am only one man but my goal is too big for me alone.

To everyone whose photograph I grabbed and used thank you for the kindness.

The BoyKidlat Project aims to gather photographs of different people and present them to the rest of the world.

I plan to make themes for the photographs I need and want for specific projects. I currently have 3 themes.

Theme1: Ako
solo pictures portrait style
(needs 20)

Theme2: Ako at ang Mundo
Travel Pics postcard style
(needs 20 from different places all over the Philippines and the World.)

Theme3: Opinyon Ko
Statement photographs ranging from environmental statements to facebook statements.
(needs 20 varying statements)

Help me complete my 3 projects. If you are tagged it is either I need your help and support or I need your photographs.

If you are a photographer and wants to do this project with me, I am completely open to the idea.

I prefer high quality and unpixelized photographs. No scans please unless the scan is high quality.

You can send your photographs at

you can also drop me a message if you are interested to help in any way.

Feel free to tag anyone else. :)

Thank you. Godspeed!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Got My Groove Back.

 Groove back.

            Lately I was a bit off balance with all the stress and all the pressure of the life I chose to tread. I have the tendency to either overthink or neglect the things I do. Both are signs that I need a good time-out.

            I really don’t know the solution for this irregular brain of mine but it seems they all appear in random episodes that end randomly as well. I’m just glad I got my Groove back hence the creation of a new blog post after a looooong time.

I was able to watch “The Invention of Lying” recently and I have to say it was a pretty good thought out movie. The plot was well planned and developed. The only negative aspect of the movie is that it has a very fast transitioned intro and a very slow conclusion added to that is the left aside loose ends of the story.

The following paragraph may contain spoilers skip if necessary read at your own risk. (It’s not much of a review anyway just a point here and there and everywhere.)

It talks about (name) who lives in a weird world where the word “LIE” does not exist hence everyone tells the truth whether they like it or not they have no choice. He actually works in a movie production company which creates movies via story-telling or as they term it “READING”. They simply read the history and people get entertained. (What a boring life) He was assigned to a very boring century in human history and the only material available for him was the story about the black plague. (blah blah blah) then he was fired and left to rot in the world with nothing because he cant write anything interesting to read.(weird). He went to the bank to withdraw his last 300 dollars but the tellers tell him that their machine is malfunctioning and is currently offline, and asked him how much money does he want to get in order to close his account, and that is when it hits him… “HE TOLD THE TELLER SOMETHING THAT WASN’T” and said 800 dollars and the teller assumed that it’s their machine’s fault and happily gave him the money.

And the rest of the movie is something you should all watch. It was a pretty interesting and funny movie with all the quirky punchlines and out-of-the-blue situations that makes you think and ask…

“Would the world really be better when everyone tells the truth?”

Have you watched the movie as well? ^^
Comments are appreciated!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Try Learning From Other's Mistakes For A Change.

The following post is full of painful truths.
The author will not hold back.

But before I proceed to my HATE POST Im sure you noticed my new blog layout and blog title. Its now called the Silly Ink Blot because in this blog I am going to post a lot of random things like an ink blot but like all psychologists would say there is a meaning to everything, even a Silly Ink Blot.

I am also a big fan of the Chaos Theory... more on that soon. not here.. this post is intended to HATE.

---------------------------cut here-------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am tired of Human stupidity...

I am tired of explaining...

I am tired of mistakes...

I am tired of life...

I am tired...

Human Stupidity is the root of all problems... People just tend to ignore it. Human's have a high tendency to be stupid! There are a lot of types of stupidity and I'm sure all of us have committed at least one type of it.

People never seem to understand the obvious...not because they don't understand but because they refuse to understand. Everyone knows that jumping off a bridge is dangerous and deadly but they keep committing the same mistakes over and over and over again... they never get tired of being stupid. examples?

People love the same person over and over again in desperate need of belief that they will change.
Yeah...sure... Everyone deserves a second chance... but not everyone deserves a thousand chances. Love is not like computer games that you can save your progress that you can reload again if everything starts to get messed up. Open your eyes fool. You have one shot at life and you decide to waste it. Uneducated people are not stupid or dumb, it's the smart ones who refuse to understand who are dumb and stupid.
BOBO ka ba? O sadyang TANGA ka lang talaga? 

People live their life like it's the only life there is in this world.
You don't own the world. You are nothing but a speck of dust waiting to be blown away forever. Reckless behavior is not just damaging to yourself but damaging to everyone around you. When you drink make sure you can take the booze in because if you cant you deserve to be left in a rail track dead. I am tired of people acting bigger than they really are. It's not narcissism, arrogance or pride. It's plain stupidity. Do you honestly think people enjoy hearing your stupid rants and mistakes over and over again? the first time maybe yes. you deserve compassion. the second time? you deserve pity. the third? you deserve nothing. 

People who allow themselves to be made stupid by other people.
"Ginagawa ka ng TANGA, OO ka lang din ng OO."
I can't understand why you refuse to believe the obvious or why you force yourself to believe that something is justifiably correct and acceptable when everyone knows it's not. You rant about how you are being neglected and abused yet you allow yourself to be abused and you are infact negleclecting yourself. You force  yourself to believe your own lies and make some more.

People who live their life on standards that other dumb people set-up.
"Isang shot lang, pakisama lang gud."
"nag kiss na tayo so ibig sabihin love na yun talaga."
"nag smile siya sayo mahal ka nun!"
"Mas madami ka naging uyab mas sikat ka nyan!"
"Yosi tayo para astig."
"Pag hindi siya nag sorry sayo within the time limit di ka na nya mahal."
"Baduy ang suot mo pag di bago or orig."
"Since tayo na dapat buhay mo naka sentro na lang sa akin."
"Hayaan mo lang yan, mawawala lang din yan ng parang bula."

All of the above are just example of stupid standards created and people are forced to believe. Why do people have to succumb to the pressure of society and their friends? if you can call them friends that is. There is no such thing as real, true, aquaintance or even more than friends. Friends are friends. They should let you live your life on the right direction. Never call other people friends when they brought you nothing but trouble. If people want to waste their life there is no reason for you to waste it for them as well.

It is just sickening to witness the world and the people around me waste their lives on such obvious mistakes...

I am one of those people who learned all this the hard way, but I didn't neglect my duty of educating people around me about it's danger. I placed everything in front of you but you still refuse to listen. People thought I was merely joking bu I mean the truth. 

I have done my job and this time...I will stop caring... I will stop noticing... I will stop protecting... I will stop...

but I will say this one last time...

"You can't commit all the mistakes in this world to learn all the lessons, you will not live long enough. Try learning from other's mistakes for a change."