Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The BoyKidlat Project

The BoyKidlat Projects: My personal skill improvement and art project.

I love editing and enhancing photographs.

I am planning to launch an art project aimed to improve my skills and talents with the use of various photo editing programs and personal creativity.

I aim to gather enough photographs to edit and enhance and hopefully put in a gallery.(crossfingers)

You can see in my profile the various works I have done. They are not perfect or worth millions of pesos but I did my best with them with the skill set I currently have. I am not the best but I am definitely improving. I am only one man but my goal is too big for me alone.

To everyone whose photograph I grabbed and used thank you for the kindness.

The BoyKidlat Project aims to gather photographs of different people and present them to the rest of the world.

I plan to make themes for the photographs I need and want for specific projects. I currently have 3 themes.

Theme1: Ako
solo pictures portrait style
(needs 20)

Theme2: Ako at ang Mundo
Travel Pics postcard style
(needs 20 from different places all over the Philippines and the World.)

Theme3: Opinyon Ko
Statement photographs ranging from environmental statements to facebook statements.
(needs 20 varying statements)

Help me complete my 3 projects. If you are tagged it is either I need your help and support or I need your photographs.

If you are a photographer and wants to do this project with me, I am completely open to the idea.

I prefer high quality and unpixelized photographs. No scans please unless the scan is high quality.

You can send your photographs at

you can also drop me a message if you are interested to help in any way.

Feel free to tag anyone else. :)

Thank you. Godspeed!

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